We study the biological basis of learning and decision-making by monitoring, manipulating, and modeling neural activity

How do we remember something good and pursue it? How do we remember something bad and avoid it?
How do we make decisions and commit actions in complicated situations (e.g., things are uncertain)?
What are the computational causes and consequences of brain disorders?
What can we learn about how the brain works from artificial intelligence?

We address these questions by monitoring and manipulating neuronal activities in rodents🐁, NHPs🐵, and artificial neural network agents💻. We use molecular, electrophysiological, and computational methods to understand how neural activity underlies cognition and behavior.

If we figure out the essence of the brain, we can understand ourselves better - the origin of consciousness and intelligence. It will also contribute to developing treatments for mental illnesses such as addiction. Furthermore, we may apply the neural mechanisms of intelligent behaviors to improve artificial intelligence technologies.

Recent news

May 22, 2024 - Hyein, Yeowon, Ben, Jongheon, and HyungGoo submitted our second application for registering a domestic patent entitled “Reinforcement learning method in the virtual environment with shared memory”. Fingers crossed!

Feb 2, 2024 - Jongheon was awarded (장려상) in the Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers (정보과학회) for his undergrad work. Congrats!

Dec 26, 2023 - The lab introduction interview is on the the SKKU webzine (Korean)!

Sep 27, 2023 - The first-ever journal submission based on the work done in NeuRLab happened! Jongwon has been working on quantitative analysis and computational modeling to dissociate need and motivation using neural data collected in Dr. Hyung Jin Choi’s lab. It was a fun collaboration. Fingers crossed!

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Lab introduction video (Korean ver.)