Open positions

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We are interested in understanding how the brain works. We use molecular/genetic methods in rodents along with quantitative models to analyze data. We study more complex cognitive functions using non-human primates. Finally, we are interested in developing artificial intelligence inspired by brain mechanisms. If you become interested in the lab, feel free to send me an email (

Graduate student

We are looking for highly motivated graduate students who are interested in learning, motivation, and decision-making in the brain. You can apply for the PhD, MS, or MS/PhD program through the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the Sungkyunkwan University or Department of Intelligent Precision Healthcare Convergence(IPHC). Undergraduate majors such as neuroscience, biology, physics, computer science, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and psychology would be a plus. You will have a stipend and tuition support. Many foreign students are doing great sciences at SKKU.

Undergraduate research assistant

We are welcoming undergraduate research assistants who are interested in making experimental devices, conducting animal experiments, and analyzing data. For students outside Kora, you may apply for an exchange student fellowship.

Postdoctoral fellow

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow who has expertise on either awake rodent experiments or primate electrophysiology. Along with projects using the species of your expertise, You will be involved in an exciting project that links the two species that have distinct advantages: 1) applying modern techniques in mice to monkeys to observe neural signals that have not been possible to monitor using the traditional techniques, 2) using the same tasks between the two species and probe the neural correlates of adaptive behaviors. Applicants who have used Matlab in data analysis are preferred.


Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) Natural Science Campus is located in Suwon, which is a clean, safe, and beautiful city nearby Seoul in South Korea. SKKU is a highly ranked, research-oriented university founded in 1398 (the oldest university in Asia; Check out the impact of SKKU on the history of Korea imprinted on the bills.

Diversity and inclusion statement

I strongly believe that diversity enhances creativity and scientific insights through open and fair discussions. People with different social, economic, and racial backgrounds should be able to share ideas and work together freely in a collaborative manner. I will reject any attempts that increase bias and try to promote an inclusive culture that welcomes diversity in the laboratory.