April, 2023
A lab intro video is now online. Awesome!

Feb, 2023
Some good moments during the winter vacation!

6, Oct, 2022
The first mouse MRI taken in the lab - we are in Center for Neuroscience Imaging Center!

28, Aug, 2022
Now we have a customized monitoring tool for deep learning machines!

8, Aug, 2022
Face recognition for lab entry log by Yeowon and HyeIn. Hopefully, accuracy will get better with mask!

4, July, 2022
2D VR under construction by ExCool team + SeongYub. Hopefully, mice love 2D arena!

20, May, 2022
Hogyu, Siyoung, and Lumi gave the lab’s (and their) first poster presentations ever at KSBNS 2022 . Well done!

18, May, 2022
HyungGoo’s paper, entitled “A neural mechanism for detecting object motion during self-motion” was accepted by eLife!

26, Feb, 2022
We began setting up VRs in the second mouse room. More experiments, more data!

23, Feb, 2022
We had a lab tour for 1st year undergrads. It was the first-ever presentations done by lab members. Nicely done!

21, Feb, 2022
Our online experiment monitoring tools now work well! made by Y. Kim

24, Jan, 2022
Finally, the first Neuropixels recording in the lab! First ~20 neurons sorted on the same day. Some shows beautiful visual responses! Thanks to the collaboration between J. Yun and M. Park.

11, Jan, 2022
HyungGoo’s paper, entitled “The Role of State Uncertainty in the Dynamics of Dopamine”, was accepted by Current Biology!

31, Dec, 2021
2nd-generation VR rig! Hope it works well and we can double the VR rigs in the next year! designed by H. Jung.

30, Dec, 2021
Working on phy , URP by J. Yun and M. Park.

4, Oct, 2021
Finally, the first neural signals (dopamine sensor) in the ventral striatum. Surgeries done by S. Lee and J. Yang.

9, Sep, 2021
Our proposal for SKKU’s 2021 AI convergence research (AI융합연구지원사업 1단계) was awarded! It was based on J. Park’s thesis project - congrats!

31, Aug 2021
Now we have more undergrads, so we have to say bye to an old way… switching to a google doc!

19, Aug 2021
Making progress on NHP rigs! SC, LL, and HK were too shy to be on the photo!

11, Aug 2021
The first RL agent in the lab! The parking agent is in stable baseline , trained by W. Cho!

11, Aug 2021
L. Lee made cute signs for our VR rigs!

4, Aug 2021
In this Youtube video made by GBME 알리미, HyungGoo explains what students can learn in the BME department at SKKU (in Korean).

29, July 2021
HyungGoo gave a talk in the CJK Symposium on Monoamine signals.

26, July 2021
The first DeepLabCut demo in the lab by J. Bu! DeepLabCut is a convolutional neural network(CNN)-based python package for automatic pose estimation.

26, Jun 2021
DAT-Cre mice were finally delivered to the lab!!

22, Jun 2021
The first lick signal from m1 in the VR rig. Looks like m1 was quite thirsty!

17, Jun 2021
The first day of animal training!

28, May 2021
Let’s have a deep-ly learning summer!

21, May 2021
The first progress report in the lab. Jaecheol presented how to set up a deep learning machine. Thanks!

19, May 2021
The first surgery in the lab. well done!

17, May 2021
We had an inaugral journal club about hippocampus led by Taeyeon. It was a nice start!

11, May 2021
The first day to enter animal facility. The facility looks great!

7, May 2021
Finally! Neuropixels was delivered to the lab!

6, May 2021
The first AAV was delivered to the lab! Glad to see that the dry ice was fully refilled. Thanks!

30, April 2021
The first experimental protocol was approved without a revision request. What a surprise!

28, April 2021
Glad to see Kilosort and Phy again! We hope coin prices go down such that we can get GPUs with lower prices…

7, April 2021
Finally! Welcome to the virtual world!

2, April 2021
Four behavior rigs are up. It’s neat, cute, and classy. More are coming!

18, Mar 2021
Finally, NI (National Instrument) DAQ cards were delivered to the lab today! It took longer than expected, perhaps due to the parts for Neuropixels. So happy to see a computer running NI MAX!

5, Mar 2021
The first whole-team-work! We took a divide and conquer approach - working on different things simultaneously such that individuals can master one thing at a time!

2, Mar 2021
Today we had the first-ever lab meeting! Ben joined the lab meeting via Zoom, making it an international one! Here is the lab’s first collaborative effort - putting a white board on the wall and find out a time slot that works for everybody!

17, Feb 2021
HyungGoo recorded a lecture to celebrate the Brain Awareness week (March 15-21, 세계뇌주간). It was challenging but very much fun!

10, Feb 2021
For those of you who have worked with 80/20 rails, take a look at Ajin’s one-touch bracket . You screw once and you are done!

8, Feb 2021
The first round of offers are being made. Excited to work together as a team from March!

6. Feb 2021
Parts, computers, and monitors… more are coming! Hopefully, we fill the NAS with beautiful data and expand it soon!

1. Feb 2021
First day! It’s surprising that all the parts were delivered to the lab safely from all over the world (even if I put a wrong address for some packages)!

19, Jan 2021
Paul Masset’s abstract (HyungGoo participated) was accepted for poster presentation at Cosyne 2021 !

6, Jan 2021
HyungGoo’s last day in Uchida lab. You guys will be missed!

30, Dec 2020
HyungGoo’s last lab party in Uchida lab!

12, Dec 2020
Paul Masset presented a poster (HyungGoo participated) entitled “Diversity of discounting horizons explains ramping diversity in dopaminergic neuron” in Biological and Artificial Reinforcement Learning workshop at NeurIPS 2020.

27. Nov 2020
Our paper is finally published in Cell!